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  YearBookIt was the fall of 1971 when two (formerly) rival schools were thrown together in the final year of their high school days. That was the year that the schools of North Rose and Wolcott were combined in the classroom environment for the first time.

To complicate things a bit further we were also in a brand new facility to boot! That makes ours the very first graduating class of the combined school districts and of the new high school building.

   Although some of the school sports were combined for a few years prior it still was an adjustment for many of the students and the teachers as well. As one of the students, this writer was among the many that had to adjust to the challenges before us. (It was actually a rather fun adjustment!)

   As things turned out it was a rewarding experience overall and has provided many memorable moments for us to ponder over the years!

   This site is dedicated to those that endured the challenges presented to us all and thrived in their midst.

We ARE the class of 1972!